What Up, Wednesday?

IMG_4008It’s Wednesday, so I’ve co-washed my hair and styled it new.  I used Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner to co-wash and my Shea Moisture products to style it. I wanted to define my curls in a different way using Peeks Flexi Rod Curls Tutorial as inspiration. I didn’t follow her tutorial fully, I didn’t have freshly washed (shampoo, conditioner, the whole nine) hair, it was co-washed. I didn’t blow dry my hair because I don’t like putting heat in my hair. And also, I didn’t feel the need to.

Her curls came out so defined, and I loved it. My curls on the other hand, came out on the ends, but not so much towards the root. It looked more like an afro, than a curly fro. Next time, I might try something a bit different, but still no heat. Maybe, smaller perm rods.

Everyone else loved it. I couldn’t walk 100 yards without a compliment. So thank you Peeks!

What do y’all think? Let me know if you try it!


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