Last poem of April



When we first met

i had just finished practice

no shower had been taken

no clothes had been changed

and no mirror had been looked into

but your frantic wave and heavy hello made me feel beautiful.


Curious, i watched you

i had never seen anything as intriguing

it had something to do with the gracefulness of your heavy hands

the way the light bounced brightly off yellow walls

to illuminate your brown skin.


I couldn’t take my eyes off you,

until I had to,

“c’mon, you ready?”

I walked passed you to get to my sister’s station,

you smelled of sweet summer days to come

and of a man

a scent i’m not too familiar with.


I plopped in my sisters chair, hair beaming africa,

ready to be tamed america,

when you said “bye, nice meeting you”,

I caught a glimpse of your eyes

and you stole the reciprocated words from my mouth.


As you left

i smiled.


This day forever stained in my memory.


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