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Foxy Brown? No, Solange Knowles


Solange+Knowles+Kenzo+Met+Gala+2013+1Solange Knowles, looking like a modern day Foxy Brown, made her presence known at this years Met Gala on Monday. From head to toe, she was very afro centric, while keeping up with the times. She is easily one of my favorite natural sistas, and I can’t wait from my hair to get that big. I want to rock the Solange ‘fro! Her earrings scream texture, just like her dress but when you look close, its a bunch of different colored diamonds and they just set off the entire look. Now this dress by Kenzo, is amazing to me. The cut outs on the top, followed by the leg baring split on the left side made her look tall and statuesque. Drop dead gorgeous honey! And anyone who follows trends, knows these sandals, are it. The perfect style find, and she matched them perfectly with this spring look.

Thank you Solange for staying true to yourself, rocking your kinky curly in a society where it should be straight! Go head girl, and rock it!

This look gave me life, what do y’all think?


(photo credit: Huffington Post and Ms. Drama Tv)

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